Getting servers to build themselves in AWS

I was asked to speak at an event, Expert Talks, in Manchester. This was originally scheduled before the summer break, but some football event was happening on the some night.

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What does immutable mean?


stonehenge; unchanging


Unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

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You are paying too much for your cloud servers


Datacenters of the 50s

Datacenters have been with us for a very long time. Since the 50s with the large mainframes. Now the datacenters have moved and we can rent servers. In this article I will share my approach to building servers for the cloud instead of for the datacenter.

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What is devops?

DevOps Venn

DevOps Culture and Business

I am often asked what do I do?

Until recently I didn’t have a clear way of describing my product / service of my role as a DevOps dude.

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Automating servers while you sleep

On a daily basis, my code runs to build multiple environments for the database warehouse project. The dev side of DevOps is about the role of creating and testing the automation processes.

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