Puppet 5

It has shipped! Puppet 5 is here and the gem has been available since the 27th June 2017.

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Puppet 5 shipped

What does this mean to us DevOps techies though?
The main ‘features’ of puppet 5 are largely around standardising on other product version numbers of the major puppet components. Server, puppetDB and Agent.

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Avoid unexpected big bills from AWS

Burning Money

AWS costs can burn your money

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Avoid unstable server builds using version control and bundles

Bad server build

When a server doesn't build

Software versions are released constantly, but not all versions play nice. Bundles of compatible software versions will create stability.

This is especially true when working with R or Python modules. I use puppet and the default state to install package is installed. When using providers using yum or apt, installed means latest if the package is not installed already.

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puppet camp london june 2017

Puppetcamp London

Puppetcamp, London

This week I attended and spoke again, at PuppetCamp London 2017. We enjoyed some interesting talks off the back of the State of Devops report, and the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

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code quality

This week’s focus is on code quality. This is where the code that we create is clear and uniform for the purposes of making it easier to maintain.

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