email and alerts

Following on from last weeks post about monitoring, the next logical step is having the system create alerts when a threshold is breached.

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Our team run morning checks every day to ensure the development environments have been deployed successfully from our automation schedule. The quickest indicator is a dashboard using dashing and uchiwa which has a tile for each role in the environment with a helpful red or green status. Of course if it isn’t green, the team then go to diagnose why and quickly resolve the build error(s).

uchiwa dashboard

Monitoring with Uchiwa

This dashboard is made possible by having smoke tests on each server, reporting back to sensu, without this vital step, my support guys would be blind.

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AWS Limits

With the flexiblity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) you can create many servers in minutes. This is great from a scaling up point of view. Your PR department have just informed you that a segment about your product is about to appear on national TV. You expect a spike in traffic, but its okay because of the preperation work and auto-scaling.

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Software Updates and Technical Debt

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep updated with the latest software versions. This does give us two problems however.

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Docker on Nomad

Running docker containers on a cluster has several solutions available today:

  • ECS, Amazons Elastic Container Service
  • Kubernetes - A docker clustering and scheduling solution from programmers at Google
  • Docker Swarm - Native clustering from Docker which I covered in a setup last week
  • Hashicorp’s Nomad - A task scheduler for clusters that supports Docker
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