AWS announce London region

Our Christmas present has arrived! Amazon Web Services have announced general availability of EU London Region.

This has most of the AWS services available but at a slightly higher price than Ireland but cheaper than Frankfurt.

There are other differences, like there are only 2 availability Zones for London currently in use. I expect that to increase to 3 soon along with the demand and growth.

A few services are not available in London region compared to Ireland, so you may need to wait before deploying apps that require one of these:- EFS (Elastic File System), Lambda,  ElasticSearch or SES (Simple Email Service).

ECS (Elastic Container Service) is available, so we can continue to grow our Docker workloads.

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Amazon Web Services announce Canada

This week AWS have announced availability for a new Canada region. This is the 15th region now in service and builds further anticipation for the new London region due online in the next few months.

Amazon web services continue to grow in capacity, not only in the individual Availability Zones, but also across the world so your servers can be as near to your users and reduce latency (network delays) to a minimum.

In Montreal, Canada the basic building block services of EC2 (Elastic compute cloud), S3 (simple storage service) and RDS (Relational Database Service) are already online as well as the other services we expect as standard like SQS and SNS.


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AWS advent has started! day 4

Today and a new article, this time about lambda with Python.

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AWS key announcements

Customer-centric mission. Control in the hands of the customer. Deliver the best service to the customers. To You.
0. Protect customers at all time (Security)
1.Listen closely to customers and act
2.Give customers choice
3.Work backwards from the customer
4.Help customers transform

Amazon Web Services have and do this. That is why they offer well over 1000 services. Removing pain points and giving the choice of how you want to build the products and services you want to build. From primitives with Compute, Memory and Disk, to advanced services for you to choice made up from these primitives RDS, ECS and Lambda. This gives you the choice so you don't have to worry about managing the detail.

Software changes rapidly with agility gives the systems to rapidly deploy code in a reliable way. Scaling and deploying with 99.999% uptime is a reality. By using the components and removing points of failure and planned rapid deployments every day, will allow your business and software platform to grow daily and even hourly.

Development, Data and Compute

Develop, test and operations

Reduce risk; Smaller, targeted application; deliver faster; Reactive to customer needs; More experimental.

Development and testing is where agility is: Unconstrained access to resources; testing with higher fidelity; Faster to market; Major productivity improvement; Significant cost improvements

Well-Architected Framework

Security; Reliability;Performance efficiency;Cost optimisation;Operational excellence (Prepare->Operated->Respond)

Security and Reliability will be improved by Automation


CloudFormation or Infrastructure as Code. Defining your infrastructure environments in code provides consistent secure and reliable systems to develop and run production systems on.
OpsWorks is a managed Chef service.
EC2 Systems Manager. Collection of tools to install and patch packages.


AWS CodeBuild - per minute billing for CI/CD build environments. Provide Docker images as a basis for your build machine.


Personal Health Dashboard - A personalised view of performance and availability of the AWS services you are using.


Even more services added to Amazon Web Services.

Stay tuned for more

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AWS advent, day 1

Continuous integration has been used for years amongst the software developers out there. With the rise of Infrastructure as code, we Devops infrastructure types can also use the design, code, test, deploy pattern.


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