Who moved my servers?

If your business is ready to embrace the fast-paced world of cloud and gain a competitive advantage, then this book will guide you through the common pitfalls and lead you and your business to an agile and stable platform that can scale with ease. Sharing tried-and-tested methods to migrate, re-platform and move towards customer-first, mobile-first and cloud-first applications, Neil Millard shows you how to save time, money and energy, while keeping the service running and minimising downtime.

Who Moved My Servers book cover

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Read this book in order to:

  • Understand what the cloud is, what it does best, and how to leverage the cloud advantage
  • Choose the right solutions, applications and service providers for your business needs
  • Prepare your application for scaling and zero downtime deployments
  • Keep your cloud servers manageable and your data safe from hackers and component failures
  • Predict where problems and bottlenecks will arise, and know what do to about them
  • Get products and applications to market faster and ensure they keep running

If you want to unlock the power of the cloud to build agile, stable, infrastructure that delights your customers 24/7 and enables you to stay competitive, you need to read this book.

Who moved my servers. Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle now.