API Application Program Interface is the computer to computer information hub. It is used by third parties or mobile Applications to provide data, but not visual information.
AWS Amazon Web Services, a public cloud provider. Infrastructure as a service.
Agile Do just enough design to start delivering value. Iteritive and continious improvement of software/product.
Blockers An issue identified by an Agile team that is halting or slowing down progress.
CPU Central Processing Unit. This provides the computer the power to run programs, code and tasks.
Capital Expense CapEx, the money a project/company spends to buy, maintain or improve it's fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles and hardware.
Computer Process A program or function that provides results (outputs) based on data (inputs).
Configuration Management Used to apply configuration to platforms, servers and software.
Containers A process running on a server, in a jail from a predefined disk image/file structure.
Continuous Integration A pipeline where automated tests check commited code, providing a fast feedback loop to uncover errors.
Data Centre A dedicated space that is climate controlled and secure, for housing and operating servers and other infrastructure.
Database A service that saves, holds and returns data. From a spreadsheet, to a full on Database with data analytics stored functions and reports.
Dependencies Reuseable stock or library code, that are installed alongside the main developer's code for the application to work.
DevOps A term used in Agile.
1. A role that uses a mix of Infrastructure and Development Skills, often creating automated workflows and IaC.
2. A term that describes a way of teams working together
Development Creation and improvement of software running in a Software System.
Docker A further step into application isolation where an independant image can run on a server. Often used with microservices.
ECS Amazon Webservices Managed docker service. Enable the management of running docker containers.
ESB Enterprise Service Bus is a common Data Access Layer used to link dispersed IT systems together within an organisation.
Firewall A network device that controls access between network components
Hybrid private and public cloud A mix of private and public cloud, usually seen during migrations and for sensitive data reasons.
Hypervisor A system that runs on a server to enable virtual machines to run.
IaC Infrastructure as Code.
Where code is written that can create or destroy infrastructure and computer environments.
Infrastructure Refers to Servers, Routers, Network Switches, Firewall and other foundational components of a software system. Can be purchased on a Pay as You Use from Cloud Providers.
KPI Key Performance Indicators enable decisions to be made through metrics about your business, app and service.
Kanban An inventory and scheduling system. Used in software development, like SCRUM, however the tasks are not timeboxed, but subjected to other measures and limits.
Lambda Serverless offering of AWS. They are small quick tasks running from a predefined Docker container.
MVP Minimum Viable Product is a small scale product or service that is used to demonstrate a demand for that product or service.
Memory Where computers temporarily store data.
Memory (Non-Volatile) is able to store data for long periods of time, like tape or disks.
Memory (RAM) Random access memory, programs and data stored while the computer is on.
Memory (ROM) Read-only memory, programs and data stored while computer is off. Usually contains bootstrap code.
Microservice A small and deployable software program, part of a Software System.
Network The connections between servers. This enables communication between software system components as well as the internet
Network Switch A physical device (is virtual in Cloud Environments), to marshall network traffic and communications between software system components.
Operation Expenses OpEx, the ongoing costs running a product, business or system.
Pair Programming Where two people working together on a task improves efficiency. E.g building a wardrobe.
Pipeline A defined process that links tasks together, usually on a continuous integration server.
Platform Managed IaC to simplify the deployment of Software Systems.
Router A network device that links networks together
SCRUM A framework for organising tasks. Tasks are scheduled into a timeboxed period known as a Sprint.
Scaling To grow or shrink the servers delivering a service. More...
Serverless A paradyme where code is run on servers maintained by the cloud provider. They can be cheap to start with, but cost can escalate for larger more frequent workloads.
Servers Compute power of a Software System. Where computers and CPUs are employed to carry out the work.
Software System A collection of software, hardware and virtual hardware that makes up a system for running software
Source Control Where code is stored, in a way that every change and version is also kept. Useful for auditing and finding bugs due to changes.
Test Driven Development TDD - A programming practice where the tests are written first. A test ensures that given a set of inputs, a program or function produces the correct output.
Virtualisation Enabling the resources of a computer to run more than one logical computer in an isolated way on the same computer, whilst they are not aware of each other.
dDOS Distributed Denial Of Service. Where a group of computers send traffic malicously to your website with the aim of distrupting service.