Will automation cost me my job?

One of the biggest concerns I hear from staff at the companies we're helping is, Will I have a job if everything is automated?

This question was also asked on stackexchange.

The biggest assumption and probably the cause of the question, is the short term nature that many people see the world.
I have found that experience and time grows the horizon which you see and as your viewpoint lifts, you can see further into the future. Starting with days, then weeks and months.

In the answers referenced above are references to assumptions about what is happening now and what could be in the pipeline of work to do. If you are aware of the vision for the organisation, then it is unlikely this question will show up.

Growing organisations are always moving forward, improving processes and this includes automation. If you have the skills to grow and improve the business, then you are exactly the sort of person the business will want to hang on to.