Your stuff will Break Part 2!

A thermal event has occurred at a data centre.

OVHCloud Fires?

That is what we were told when Amazon Web Services experienced an outage of several services in a zone in London EU-West-2. In this case the zone recovered after about 1 hour, with the services recovering about 4 hours later.

OVHCloud went one stage further last night in their Strasbourg data centre. The advice this time is ‘We recommend [you] activate your Disaster Recover Plan’ the founder Octave Klaba said.

Our recommendation is to hold backups in another Region, such as Ireland or Frankfurt, if you are hosted in AWS EU-West-2 London.

In AWS, a snapshot can be taken of an EBS Volume and that image can be copied to another region in case of region failure, keeping the data safe. EBS Volumes are Availability Zone specific, so copying the snapshot to another zone is a good idea. Then if needed a new EBS Volume can be created in another zone.

You can find out more with the link below and more pictures on Social Media.

OVHCloud Fire