Optimised Technologist delivery?

Gartner have just released ‘Hype cycle for emerging technologies’.

Hype for emerging tech 2022

Gartner’s third theme is Optimized technologist delivery.

This means technology focused on delivering value through cloud data components, to accelerate product and service delivery.

These systems will streamline deliver and provide an easy platform to deploy and maintain. Gartner says these will take two to five years until mainstream adoption.

I think some of these technologies are already here and in use.

Computational storage

This is where compute and programs are run on the storage itself. Moving data is time expensive, so processing, for example, a cctv image for movement, and only notifying the main program if more work needs to be done.

Industry cloud platforms

Providing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS as industry relevant packaged businesses. I guess this is here in a small way. AWS and Goldman Sachs have collaborated to create financial services. I am very interested in this area, and looking for businesses to partner up with to create these services.

Platform engineering

Self-service internal developer platforms. This is something my team and I have been delivering for a while. Started as PaaS, and with some addition help from CI/CD and APIs, create a self service platform delivery system.

The full article is available at gartner.com

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