Google announces closure of Stadia

A few years ago Google launched the gaming service Stadia. Soon it will be gone.

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If you have bought Stadia hardware, the search company says you are due a refund. This extends to any software purchased through the Stadia store too. The shutdown is expected to complete by the end of January 2023.

The reason for the closure, is due to lack of interest. On the Google blog, they say “it hasn’t gained the traction wth users that we expected” The underlying platform is said to be repurposed into YouTube, Google Play and the Augmented Reality (AR) efforts.

The real worry here, is if google cloud fails to grow, will it get axed too? AWS has been largely static of the last 5 years, but Microsoft Azure is gaining at the expense of “others”. Google holds just 8% of the market, more than Digital Ocean, but could decline.

Of course Google has lots of data centres (UK spelling) to host its very popular search advertising services. So it won’t be going away anytime soon.

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