tech - AWS, Puppet and Docker

In my talk - Can Puppet help you run Docker on a T2.Micro? - You will learn the technologies we use to create environments from scratch every day.

A walk through a number of the key concepts of puppet; stages, Role and profile, hieradata and puppet forge, as well as a brief introduction to Docker.
Using these to explain a solution of running a puppet manifest to configure Amazon's smallest (Yes I've run this on a t2.nano too) server to run a docker containerised web service.
You will learn why puppet stages can be used to help in this solution, how roles and profiles are defined and used, and finally use of the puppet Forge with Hieradata to install and run docker containers.
This talk will contain links to code that can be used afterwards and I'll touch on what docker is and how to configure the puppet module to automatically run containers.

Come see me talk at Puppet Camp - 8th November 11:15 in London.