housekeeping, support and reporting

Communication is the art of being understood and is key in any relationship.

We have daily stand-up meetings to enable the sharing of updates for each member of the team, operations or project, which enables everyone to have visibility of what is going on as well as report any obstacles impeding progress. Anyone is able to attend these meetings for total transparency.

In addition to the project work, housekeeping and operation support work alongside to keep the systems running as they should. Let me explain what we mean by this.


During a project, code is being updated and deployed all the time. Most of the systems rely on other software to operate and this too is being maintained and updated by external sources. To avoid dependency hell, our team evaluates and updates where needed the other software running on the server. This also includes removing redundant code and logs that are out of date. To keep things running as cleanly as possible, we also rebuild fresh servers as part of this step.

This can be a transparent so it is included in the weekly report.


Things change and sometimes an undesired outcome arises. With our monitoring systems in place, we proactively fix issues as we find them and report to you during and sometimes after the event. These events will of course be in the weekly report.


Once a week a report is compiled for our customers based on the information in the stand up meetings and if it is a project, a progress report is also included.