My name is

Today I am referred to as platform engineer. No not trains.

Chris McKenna (Thryduulf), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

In my career my job titles have been numerous, but in this article I am going to stick with the ones related to development and hosting of web applications.

First up, Wintel support, windows intel support. Based on the web site servers I was supporting. ASP, and .NET websites.

WebOps, CloudOps, Cloud: Mostly refer to the same thing. Someone who looks after servers in the cloud.

DevOps extends this by throwing CI/CD and automation into the mix, with collaboration with developer teams.

SRE, first coined by Google (tm), which can be said to be a specific implementation of DevOps. In my opinion this relates more to the running of a service, without the build and deployment stages being included in the job role, and focuses on scaling and system resilience.

Platform engineer, referring to someone who looks after a platform or Developer Experience. This is where Developers are supported through the build,test,deploy, and run (lifecycle of an application) by one or more teams of engineers. The focus is on Self-service, with the platform team providing tools to make the experience easier and fun to use.

All of these roles have a dose of LEAN (decrease risk and reduce waste) together with agile and kanban ways of working.

Let us know what you are call and what you think you should be called. You can find us on Slack.