DevOps and Cloud 2022 InfoQ report

The latest trends in DevOps

InfoQ DevOps 2022 Report

Key takeaways:

  • Data Observability. Monitoring of Data intensive systems, using tools such as Apache Superset/ Kafka and Grafana
  • Serverless Databases and Serverless as a baseline expection. Cloud providers must offer a serverless product.
  • FinOps, keeping tabs on how much is being spent in the cloud. AWS cost explorer can help, as can Cory’s team
  • Monitoring of service meshes with eBPF and WASM. We have certainly had challenges with AWS Appmesh and Envoy
  • Supply chain attacks - the dependency hell gets worse. Do you monitor the vulnerabilities in the dependencies? We have used Jfrog Xray to scan these.
  • Low or no-code is becoming more commonplace. For us it is about enriching the Developers Experience through providing plaform tools.
  • The role of “Platform Engineer” is emerging within many sizes of organizations to support the building of related platform abstractions, APIs, and tooling.

source: InfoQ

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